How to unwind + relax 

It’s been a long time dolls! I hope all is well with you all. Anyways, it’s been a crazy month and a lot has happened with work and now that school is coming around. I’m sharing my secrets on  how to unwind and relax after a long day of work or if I’m super stressed out. 

1. Listen to Music: First tip, and best one of all. I shuffle my Spotify & SoundCloud playlists and find a comfy area to relax and there you go! It’s the simplest way of unwinding. If you can’t find good music to listen to, just browse random radio stations and music apps, you’re definitely bound to find one you love! 

2. Read Books/Poems: My favorite book to read when I’m feeling down/stressed is “I Am The Messanger” by Markus Zusak. This book is very empowering and radiates this positive attitude and vibe that I love so much. I discovered this book my Senior year of High school and I’ve looked it ever since. Very great plot and super relatable to every age group. As for poems, Tumblr is my go to for those! 

3. Indulge in your favorite snack/meal: Food has healing powers. Treat yourself to a favorite food! If you’re full, you feel good. I’m a stress eater and it’s kind of a problem but it makes me feel better. It doesn’t hurt to eat junk food once in a while. 

4. Get some Exercise: Letting off some steam is also another good and functional way to unwind. I personally love to take walks around the block and I’ll run from time to time. But getting some fresh air can make such a difference. Some people love going to the gym and that’s good too! Anything you enjoy doing for exercise is a type of stress reliever. 

5. Face Mask/Skin Care Routine: Stress can have really harmful effects on the skin and me being the skincare lover, I always take the time to throw a mask (I get my masks from Sephora) on or even do my skin care routine after a long day. Removing toxins and dirt from your face is real nice. You’re left feeling refreshed and amazing afterwards! (if you’re curious about my skincare routine, I have a post up!) 

I know I’ve been MIA but I’m coming with a bunch of back to school videos/posts soon! ♥️ Thanks for all the support dolls, 😊

xoxo, J


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