Jess Reviews: LongChamp Le Pliage Large Tote.

Good morning dolls, happy Fri-yay! 

I finally did a review on the LongChamp Le Pliage tote, so click this link if you are interested in watching it. This review was just an overall impression of the bag and all the stuff I can put in it. I’m gonna go through some of these specs and pros to the purse. I’m also gonna start a new series on my blog and YouTube called “Jess Reviews”, ranging from makeup, fashion pieces, bags, food and much much more! 

1. Durability: This bag has a Nylon material in which helps with the strength and cleanliness of the bag. The material is quite thick so you don’t have to worry about over stuffing the bag with things because it holds pretty well. 

2. Affordable: I got my purse for about $125, and I think that’s a great price, if you’re willing to splurge on a bag that will last a long time! You’re paying for the great quality and the longevity of the bag. If you’re planning to use this for school, I think it will be great because that’s exactly why I bought it. I needed a great quality purse that will withstand all my textbooks and supplies. 

3. Wonderful Color Selection: This bag comes in tons and tons of colors. I’ve seen about 40 different colors and a lot of different sizes depending on the preference. I got the black & brown one because I feel that it’s the most neutral color. Colors range from neutrals to really bright and fun colors. 

4. Travel Friendly: Longchamps are known for being an “easy to travel with” purse because their ability to fold up and store when not in use. Using it as your travel bag or carry on is very common, as I’ve seen other YouTubers and celebrities using it for that. 

Alright, if you babes wanna share some awesome Back to School bags with me, leave me a reply down below. Also, check out my YouTube channel for more awesome content. Thanks so much for sticking with me through this blog! I appreciate it so much. 

xoxo, J. 


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