Makeup Wishlist: Eyeshadow Edition.

Good evening loves, I wanted to do another wishlist post because I definitely have been inspired to start/attempt to do some makeup tutorials. So, I stumbled upon some palettes from random makeup brands that I may want to purchase in the future. 

1. Urban Decay Naked 2 Basics (29.00): I love how simple and easy this palette looks. The shades look super universal and would work on any types of skin tones. I also wanted to start with matte shades that were on the more neutral side, just to practice. 

2. Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance (42.00): I’ve seen multiple tutorials on using this palette and I’ve been eyeing it for such a long time now, however I haven’t gotten the chance to pick it up. I absolutely adore the berry colors mixed with pretty neutral shades. This palette is well-loved by a lot of people and I hope one day I can purchase this because it’s definitely on the top of my wishlist. 

3. Morphe 35OM EyeShadow Palette (22.99): I am a matte eyeshadow lover, of course it’s because I have oily eyelids and matte holds up a lot better than shimmer shadows. This palette is also another TOP LIST item. It’s super affordable and gives a wide array of colors. I mostly want this palette for the different shades of brown and the hints of brick, reds etc. 

If any of you dolls have tried/own these palettes, feel free to leave me some reviews and suggestions on other eyeshadow palettes or anything else you’d want me to try! 

 xoxo, J. 


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